Playing solo is a hugely fun experience, for me and the audience alike!


This is where I first got my feet wet in the world of music, long before I had fun things like amps, microphones or even many songs under my belt. Doing my first gigs as a teenager, standing alone in a room full of people, I learnt how to interact and connect with my audience, practice new songs to better suit the needs of a venue, how to adapt songs and playing style to the needs of the occasion, and make sure each performance was a memorable and unique experience.

Jump forward to today, and you’ll find an experienced professional musician with a voice that has matured and developed, and guitar playing that has grown to be more precise and refined. But the basic concept of making sure every audience, large or small has the time of their lives is still the same and better than ever.

Whether it be intimate music during dinner, or getting a party going with a powerful one man band in a lively bar, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.